Easytow Boat Trailer

Regular price $7,000.00

At Haines Hunter we believe that having the right trailer is very important as it needs to perform well on the road and at the ramp. From the 495 Profish up to the Flagship 760 we have worked closely with Easytow Trailers to develop a range of custom made trailers perfectly suited to each model Haines Hunter.

Like Haines Hunter, Easytow goes the extra distance to ensure that quality is rated ahead of price.

Our custom made Easytow trailers can be ordered with any new boat through our National Dealer network. If you already have a boat and are looking to replace the trailer, speak to our experienced Aftercare Centre who can help arrange the correct trailer to suit your needs.

The primary factors for consideration when selecting the right trailer is, excellent keel support for your boat, ease of use, and ultimately less frustration at the boat ramp...

The next time you see a new Haines Hunter/Easytow trailer package have a look underneath at the trailer, and you will see the amount of extensive design and thought that has gone into creating these custom made trailers.