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SwellPro Splash Drone AUTO
SwellPro Splash Drone AUTO
SwellPro Splash Drone AUTO
SwellPro Splash Drone AUTO
SwellPro Splash Drone AUTO
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SwellPro Splash Drone AUTO

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"Similar to most regular drones on the market, the Splash Drone comes with video transmission for live-video streaming, a gimbal for aerial filming, and has auto return home for safety. The special thing about the Splash Drone is that it is a multi-functional waterproof drone. You can start your aerial filming from the water and from land without worrying about losing the drone. You can take off the waterproof gimbal to make the drone have a more extreme flying experience above the water or land. You can also mount the waterproof camera to the waterproof gimbal for FPV viewing and while filming above the water. You can also mount a payload release under the drone to deliver a small object (life preserver, water, bait) to a selected location that is needed like life guard rescue, fishing, law enforcement etc. The Splash Drone is an idle tool for Boat Captains, lake and ocean scientists, boat owners, professional fisherman, water sports, and of course normal flight operations all around the world.


1 x Ready to Fly Splash Drone featuring; 100% Waterproof Design, GPS Autopilot, Auto Takeoff & Landing, Altitude Sensor & Lock, One Switch Return Home, Return Home if Out of Range, as well as intelligent functions enabled through the all new Splash Drone control App, such as Follow Me Mode, Point Of Interest, Way-point Mission Planning & Payload Release Planning. Including:

o Waterproof frame with porthole and seal screw underside
o Smart current distributor plate with dual voltage regulations (5V & 12V)
o Motors: 590KV specially treated brushless pancake x 4
o ESC: 40A high voltage/temperature ESC x 4
o LED lights: Super strong LEDs with low battery warning
o Smart flight control system GPS that includes OSD module
o Waterproof vented cover x 1
o Quick-release landing gear - 1 set

1 x SwellPro 2.4GHZ 8 channel telemetry enabled Radio remote Controller with built in LCD screen provision, and 1km maximum transmission range.
1 x SwellPro Ground Station and Follow Me Module, to enable autonomous functions.
1 x Internal 5.8GHZ video transmitter.
1 x 7 5.8GHZ FPV Monitor with dual antennas.
1 x Waterproof twin axis brushless aerial gimbal.
1 x Waterproof dive case to suit GoPro Hero 3, Hero 3+ or Hero 4 (4K resolution) cameras.
1 x Waterproof Payload release mechanism.
1 x 4S 5200mAh 25C 14.8V LiPo Battery.
1 x All in one Smart balance battery charger.
4 x Carbon fibre propellers.
1 x Splash Drone aluminium all in one suitcase.
1 x Instruction manual & Australian Warranty."

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